NMO & Dual-NMO Mount Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions: NMO & Dual-NMO Mount Installation instructions

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To obtain peak performance and longest product life of the Millennium Antennas from Airgain, the mounting surface should be free of any oil or contaminants and of obstructing metal objects near the antenna. The mounting surface should be at room temperature or a minimum of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Using a 3/4” hole saw, make a hole in the vehicle where the center of the antenna will be located.
  2. Insert the antenna connectors and cable into the hole
  3. Insert the lower tabs of the NMO mount inside the 3/4 inch hole.
  4. Install NMO collar to the end of the NMO mount making sure the inner mount is centered in the 3/4 inch hole.
  5. After the collar is finger tight, use a wrench and tighten NMO collar 1/2 turn.
  6. Where the antenna will mount, wipe the surface of the vehicle with the enclosed alcohol wipe to remove dust and dirt.
  7. Apply a thin layer of dielectric Grease to the threads of the NMO mount. This helps seal the antenna from moisture. DO NOT apply grease or sealant to the antenna pin contact surface.
  8. Install the antenna to the NMO mount. Make sure the antenna is not cross threaded on the mount. Cross threading will prevent the antenna connection from working properly.
  9. Continue tightening the antenna until it seats to the NMO mount and it will not turn anymore. Make sure the gasket is seated to the vehicle surface