AP-Router-Double Cell/LTE Antenna

AP-Router-Double Cell/LTE Antenna

The AP-Router Double Cell/LTE Antenna is a all-inone, low profile housing with two high gain Multiple-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) Cellular/LTE antennas that can get a better cellular signal to your wireless modem. This provides two Multiple-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) LTE antennas for the fastest data throughput, connecting to wireless data modems on the 3G/4G Cellular/LTE wireless networks. Typically, the location of a cellular router is not ideal indoors to get a good signal. With the AP-Router Double Cell/LTE Antenna, you can move the antenna to an area where the signal is better, resulting in faster data throughput speeds.

Product Cell/LTE Antenna

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Key Benefits

Improve the Cellular Signal to your Modem inside the Building: By placing the AP-Router Double Cell/LTE Antenna outside of the building, near a window or in an area inside the building that receives a better signal strength, you can bring that signal to your modem and realize faster data throughput speeds.

Enhanced Data Speeds: Using our MIMO antenna, the fastest data throughput speeds are achieved on the LTE network, on the up and down link.

Low Profile - Blends in with Decor: The AP-Double Cell/ LTE antenna has a low profile, sleek design. This fits in well in an office or retail setting. It is built to be placed on a roof top, outdoors on a wall with an L-bracket and can withstand the harsh elements. Or it can be discretely placed on a window sill, desk, or cabinet.

Connects to: Wireless data modems with two MIMO ports, Mobile Access Routers, Wireless Gateways and modems with LTE MIMO capability.

COMES WIth MEtaL grOunD PLanE DISC. This is required for proper antenna performance or put the magnetic antenna on a metal surface (parallel to the ground) without using the disc.